Famous works

The anarchist rat artwork The anarchist rat artwork
2004, Sloane Square, London.

Banksy is very inspired by rats, which he seems to frequently associate with the human race. He shows them repeatedly and in all possible scenarios. The “anarchist rat” represents a rat, standing on its hind legs, holding a placard on which an anarchist sign is inscribed, simply.

Pulp Fiction artwork Pulp Fiction
(Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta), banana version. 2007, London.

The original version was composed of two men menacingly holding bananas rather than the guns used in the film. This artwork was quickly removed by the city. However, Banksy created a second one, in which the two heroes wear banana suits.

NuNu artwork Nu
Park Street , Bristol , England.

It is a work that has been widely talked about. The city wanted to remove it but, the Council voted unanimously to keep it. It represents a naked man, hanging with one hand under the window of his mistress; the husband of the latter is obviously looking for the culprit. Interestingly, it was painted on the wall of a building housing a sexual health clinic.

Beach Boys artwork Beach Boys
Made on the wall separating Israel and Palestine (West Blank).

This artwork was accompanied by several others that are a reflection of a desire for peace. We can find children playing, a child raised by balloons, idyllic landscapes, etc.

Napalm artwork Napalm

Artwork representing the famous photo of the Vietnamese girl who has just been burned with napalm. Bansky has made however his mark by accompanying the central character by Ronald McDonald and Mickey Mouse. Impacting!

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