The art of Banksy

The art of Banksy

His works: subversive et irreverent..

Works of art

Banksy or “terrorist art”, is one of the most versatile and inspiring artists, not only for emerging young artists, but also for the entire world. His works are subversive and irreverent and are by far the most impactful. What has made him stand out ? Firstly : his subjects and the way in which he handles them. Of the same ilk as Blek Le Rat, a famous French graffiti artist, he handles reality and ridicule with offhandedness and he transcends art in the same way as an orchestra conductor.

Using original, under-utilized techniques, he endeavors to give life to his previously-drawn characters with stencils, and unites them with items out of context which is even practically anachronistic in certain cases. Of course, his works do not just stop at street art . He also handles paintings on canvas and sculptures in the same perspective : upsetting collective conscience and striking hard at politics, societal phenomena, news, war and nonsense.

He uses painting with aerosol, brushes of various sizes, his famous stencils and above all, he uses his inexhaustible imagination to satisfy a growing following.
During the course of an interview, Banksy tells us about his techniques :
I use what is necessary. Sometimes, it is simply drawing a mustache on the face of a young woman on a poster while in other cases, I must work hard for days in order to fine-tune a drawing and make it more elaborate. Efficiency is the key !

His stencils are usually drawn and printed on acetates or on posters before being cut by hand..

Banksy’s secretive nature always prevents us from knowing what the real techniques are that he uses, but the reality of certain of his projects makes us believe that he sometimes uses computer graphics.

That being said, there is no limit for Banksy. The man whose mission it is to display a clear and impactful message through his work by invading the most sought-after art museums in the world without anyone doubting his presence. He does not commit any act of vandalism or trespass : he simply hangs on to his work, incognito. These works are, for the most part, reproductions of the greatest art works in the world, but are modern and have been updated according to Banksy’s thoughts. Funny fact : Certain museum directors sometimes take days before realizing that an unusual picture is gracing the walls of their establishments. Some take them off while others keep them carefully in the same place for a few days.

Finally, Banksy’s ability to fascinate the public with his art and his way of being nowhere and everywhere at the same time, makes him an intrigue and a mystery that everyone always wants to listen to and know. He works carefully and remains anonymous and succeeds casually and with flying colors ! Today, no one has succeeded in tracking him down. Of course, his picture was captured by various museums but was this really Banksy ? No one knows. What we do know however, is that his art makes us reflect, shocks, provokes and makes us gossip. That without artists like him, art would perhaps lose too much seriousness.

In summary, whether we speak badly of him, or well, what is important is that we speak about him !

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